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Hair Highlighting
Highlighting (or hilighting) usually takes around an hour to apply, depending on hair length. I can mix just about any colour dimension you want. I can do just about any technique you want - just let me know.

Ombre Highlighting
The ombre style is an edgy popular style right now. "Ombre" is French and translates "gradation." Lady Gaga has this style which has probably pushed the popularity. Ombre is when you have the top of the hair (closer to the crown) darker and the bottom of the hair gradually gets lighter. The reverse ombre is also becoming more common. The reverse ombre is just the opposite: light on top and gradually getting darker.

Ombre can be either soft and subtle, a more natural look, or more aggressive and dramatic - this would be more like Lady Gaga's style.

How long will highlighting last?
Usually to maintain your hilight, you need to get a retouch after around six weeks. I will apply another hilight of your hair colours at the root where the hair is coming out from the scalp.

How long should I wait before I wash my hair?
I like to ask my clients to wait for at least 24 hours before you wash your hair after a highlighting procedure. The best shampoo to use is a colour-treated shampoo - typical shampoo has more detergent and more quickly strips the highlighting from your hair.
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